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One call cleans it all.

Free Hallway
Carpet Cleaning
Professional Steam Cleaning



One call cleans it all.

Free Hallway
Carpet Cleaning
Professional Steam Cleaning



One call cleans it all.

Free Hallway 
Carpet Cleaning
Professional Steam Cleaning

Extend the Life of Your Rugs

Get Your Rugs Cleaned by Experts

Do you have a precious area rug that needs to be freshened up? Rug cleaning is not as easy as it seems! The fabric and material of a rug need to be thoroughly assessed prior to cleaning to avoid any damage. Special cleaning methods are then employed to get rid of dust, mold, debris, and mites. Rather than trying to clean your rug by yourself, hire reliable cleaners for the job! We specialize in cleaning all kinds of rugs.

Restore Articles of Furniture

We Are Upholstery Cleaning Specialist

Are the dark stains and marks on your furniture giving your living space an unkempt look? Attempting to remove them yourself can actually make the spots worse! Most superstore cleaners and products are not effective enough to properly clean your sofas and carpets. This is why you should only hire upholstery cleaning experts to remove stains, pollutants, and dirt from your furniture! Call us for same day services!

Worried About Allergens & Pollutants?

Keep Your Office Carpets Grime-Free

Your office is a busy place with frequent visitors coming and going. In addition to dust and dirt, people bring with them different allergens and pollutants that can get stuck to the carpet and furniture in your workplace. This is why you should deep clean your carpets at least twice a year! We are a trusted name among the citizens of the Bay Area. Hire our professionals for top-quality commercial cleaning right away!

Carpets in Homes with Kids & Pets?

Timely TLC Goes a Long Way!

Spills and “accidents” are a normal part of the day in a household with kids and pets! While you may take care of most mishaps by yourself, hiring experts to clean your mattress, sofas, or carpets on a routine basis can go a long way in keeping your house free from mold and dirt particles. Remove smelly odors and give your furniture new life by availing our affordable cleaning services in the Bay Area!

Spilled Water? Oh, No!

Avoid Water Damage by Calling Us ASAP

Is your house flooded with water? Minimize the damage to your home by calling our certified and insured cleaners in the Bay Area! Water not only increases the growth of microorganisms, it can also cause permanent damage to your carpet material and furniture upholstery. So don’t risk any further harm to your mattress or carpets by using ordinary cleaners or products! Call us now for effective water damage restoration!

Expertise in Various Cleaning Methods

Deep Cleaning with ChemDry & Steam Method

Our cleaning experts are well-trained in contemporary deep cleaning methods, including ChemDry and steam cleaning. Hot water and organic carpet shampoo are combined to remove stains and debris with steam cleaning. ChemDry uses hot carbonating extraction to produce bubbles that penetrate and loosen embedded dirt and dust particles. We only use eco-friendly products in our cleaning services! You can rest easy knowing that you are taking the best care of your home and planet by employing our services!