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Do you want to make your living space cleaner and healthier? Hire the best professional cleaners in Sacramento to disinfect and deep clean your carpets, furniture, tiles, and mattresses!

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One call cleans it all.

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Carpet Cleaning
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One call cleans it all.

Free Hallway
Carpet Cleaning
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One call cleans it all.

Free Hallway 
Carpet Cleaning
Professional Steam Cleaning

Vacuuming & DIYs Not Solving the Problem?

Hire Professionals to Deep Clean Your Home

While routine cleaning can make your furniture and carpet appear clean on the surface, it does nothing for the deeply embedded dirt and mold particles or permanent stains. Our green cleaning experts go the extra mile in using the latest innovative cleaning equipment and techniques to make your floors and carpets stain-free and grime-free! Hire us today for reliable and efficient cleaning services in Sacramento!

Allergens & Pollutants Exacerbating Illnesses?

Disinfect Your Carpets, Rugs & Mattresses

Do your allergies seem to worsen when you enter your home? Did you recently discover bed bugs in your child’s mattress? Don’t waste a moment longer! Hire USA Green Carpet Cleaning immediately to disinfect and deep clean your home! We employ contemporary innovative methods like steam cleaning and Chem-Dry to sanitize your home. We avoid harmful chemicals and use organic cleaning solutions only.

Home with Pets Starting to Stink?

We Provide Complete Pet-Stain & Odor Removal

Every pet owner is well aware of how difficult and time-consuming it is to get stains out from their carpets and rugs! Even if you manage to get rid of the marks, the stench and grime linger which can really spoil your home environment. Fortunately for pet owners in Sacramento, we offer complete stain and odor removal services at affordable prices! Save your time and freshen up your home by hiring our experts!

Furniture with Dark Stains and Spills?

Make Your Furniture Spotless & Speckless

Your choice and maintenance of home or office furniture tend to make a lasting impression on visitors about your cleanliness and style! Is your furniture beginning to look shabby and worn? Are there dark stains on the upholstery that no amount of scrubbing will remove? Save yourself the hassle and call us instead! Our cleaners are experts at cleaning and deodorizing your upholstery without damaging its fabric and material.

House Flooded with Water?

Prevent Water Damage & Restore Your Home

Has a pipe suddenly burst, a water jug spilled, or heavy rain entered your home? Water is one of the most damaging elements in the indoor environment so you should act fast and call your local carpet cleaners ASAP! Water Increases the growth of microorganisms and breaks down the material in your carpets and upholstery. At USA Green Carpet Cleaning, our professionals are well-trained in both residential and commercial water damage restoration so call us without delay!

Need Commercial or Residential Floor Cleaning?

IICRC Certified Cleaners Are At Your Service

Are your office or home tiles discolored and soiled? Our expert cleaners are certified and well-trained in the latest floor cleaning methods. We first carry out thorough assessment of the type and condition of your tiles. We then employ suitable cleaning methods to remove every bit of dirt, mold, and filth, leaving your floors sparkly clean and smelling fresh! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!