Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Westchester NY

Are you tired of unpleasant odors coming from your carpet? Don’t worry, call our expert carpet cleaners to clean away all dirt, pollutants, and mold from your carpets.

Don’t stress. We’ll handle the mess.

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We have designed various packages to fit your needs and preferences. Select the one you find the best for you. 



One call cleans it all.

Free Hallway
Carpet Cleaning
Professional Steam Cleaning



One call cleans it all.

Free Hallway
Carpet Cleaning
Professional Steam Cleaning



One call cleans it all.

Free Hallway 
Carpet Cleaning
Professional Steam Cleaning

Tired of Dust Mites and Debris?

What You Need is a Professional

We understand the struggle of cleaning a carpet when it is stacked with dirt, molds, and debris. Do you have a busy work routine? You should hire a professional to help you with cleaning your carpets. Let us make sure that your carpet cleaning experience is worth the while because our professional carpet cleaners in Westchester, NY, won’t let you down. They are highly skilled and well experienced.

Tired of Unpleasant Carpet Odors?

Time to Deodorize Your Carpets

Spilled food and pet waste are the main causes of why your carpet smells bad. This smell is often hard to remove because it settles deep into your carpet and creates an unbreathable atmosphere. Look no further; its time you get rid of all unwanted odors by calling USA green cleaning expert services in Westchester, NY. We use the right products to neutralize your carpet ensuring that no damage is done to the fabric.

We are the Best at What We Do

Hire our Certified IIRC Cleaners

Want to get the best and most reliable carpet cleaning services in Westchester, NY? Have complete faith in our carpet cleaning service. We are a team of IIRC certified carpet cleaners who can deliver quality carpet cleaning services right to your doorstep. We listen and respond promptly to entertain all your carpet cleaning related queries. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there in no time.

Time to Say Goodbye to Bacterias

Eradicate All Harmful Allergens

Besides the dirt and odor, there are many other pollutants that might not be visible to the naked eye but still reside in your carpet. These can be bacterias, allergens and other microscopic elements that can harm your health. We bring an anti-microbial carpet cleaning method to remove every tiny allergen that can pose risk to your health. It’s time you protect your loved ones, and call USA Green Carpet Cleaning Services in Westchester, NY, to make your carpet clean as new.

Need professional steam cleaning?

Clean Carpets with Hot Water Jet Sprays

Make the troublesome carpet cleaning process easier with USA Green Carpet Cleaning. Our one of the most reliable cleaning processes is steam cleaning, in which we use hot water sprays to loosen up the fibers of your carpet. Then, organic shampoo is mixed with hot water and sprayed on the carpet. Thus, you get cleaner more dirt-free carpet in no time. Contact us to get your carpets hot sprayed in Westchester, NY.

Want a water-free solution?

Deep Clean Carpets with ChemDry

Scared about the color of your carpet fading? Try our water-free method to clean your carpets. In this deep cleaning method, we use microscopic bubbles, with the help of professional equipment, to get into tiny spaces between fibers and remove dirt, debris, and other pollutants from the carpet. To make your carpet look brand new, hire our carpet cleaning experts in Westchester, NY. We are a call away.